Five breathtaking moments from the BBNaija Reunion show

The Big Brother Naija reunion kicked off on Thursday, June 17 and it has not been short of drama, excitement, and controversy. While the Reunion show took off completely on Monday, June 21, there are moments that have sent tongues wagging and raised eyebrows.

The housemates gathered to discuss their time in the house. Archrivals revisited their feud; others also made amends. However, there are housemates who have been making headlines courtesy of their deeds and willingness to instigate chaos and confusion.

At the ongoing Reunion show, the Lockdown housemates have managed to keep their viewers at the edge of their seats.

Check out the five breathtaking moments from the ongoing Reunion Show.

1. Lucy beats up Kaisha

On Thursday, June 24, the sixth episode of the BBNaija Reunion show gave the people what they have always wanted to see. An actual fight!
The moment of madness was between Lucy and Kaisha.

What led to the conflict?

The fight began after Kaisha narrated how Ka3na reportedly disrespected her mother as they partied together.

According to Kaisha, her mother liked Ka3na and wanted a photo with her.

She revealed that her mother first sent Lucy before sending her sister Zainab to ask Ka3na, a BBNaija alumna for the photo; but she reportedly asked them to tell her mother to come to her table, the feedback she found disrespectful.

Ka3na however, maintained that she thought they were talking about Kaisha’s manager. Lucy. who backed Ka3na on this. She however, failed to explain why she didn’t deliver the message when she was asked to.

As the show continued, Kaisha made a demand for them all to stop talking about her mother. Lucy fired back by asking if her mother is a fruit; insisting she was talking about fruit. This angered Kaisha who then threw a pillow at Lucy, leading to a physical fight.

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Lucy was seen later being escorted without her wig on.

She was also talking about Kaisha being violent and further threatened to beat her.

Watch the drama unfold below.

2. Kaisha exposes Neo, says he wanted to play her

Vee and Neo’s relationship got major blows on Wednesday night following Kaisha’s surprising revelation about Neo’s romantic interest in her

Although Kaisha was evicted from the competition in the early stages, she, however, contributed immensely in instigating pandemonium at the Reunion show.

She made a shocking revelation about Neo, who is currently in a relationship with Vee.

3. Tolanibaj says intimacy with Prince was wack, regrets it

In the seventh episode of the ongoing BBNaija Lockdown Reunion that aired on Friday, June 25, Tolanibaj made headlines when she spoke about her intimacy with Prince.

Shockingly, she stated that it was disappointing and she regrets ever being involved with him.

According to her, the intimacy happened because she was ‘feeling’ Prince at the time.

She said;

“I 100 percent regret it.

It was wack, by the way. I really expected more from somebody that ‘carries shoulder’.

You should have impressed me, but you didn’t.”

4. KiddWaya denies flaunting family funds on national TV

Billionaire heir, KiddWaya denied flaunting his father’s wealth on the fourth episode of the ongoing BBNaija Reunion.

During the BBNaija reunion show on Thursday, June 23, Kaisha challenged Kiddwaya on some statements he made in the house that made it seem he was flaunting his father’s wealth.

In his response, Kiddwaya noted that he was only living his normal life, which appeared as if he was flaunting his wealth to her.

Kiddwaya is the son of billionaire magnate, Terry Waya. The Benue-born reality star was involved in a whirlwind romance with Erica during the BBNaija show.

5. Dorathy slams Prince, says he was insincere with her

On the Friday episode of the show, Dorathy revealed that the reason she and fellow ex-housemate, Prince, fell out was because of his “insincerity”.

Prince, who had a close relationship with Dorathy, stated that she blocked him on all messaging sites because he ‘messed up’ their friendship.

By Adekunle Fajana

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