Tonto Dikeh: “Some of you fans need strong beating with wet broom”

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Tonto Dikeh: “Some of you fans need strong beating with wet broom”

Tonto Dikeh was not joking around as she suggested punishment for some section of her fans, as they disagreed over her social media approach.

The actress slammed fans who caution her against replying to online insult.

Tonto Dikeh recently reacted after a lady took to social media to insult her and her son, King Andre.

The lady took to the actress’ comment section on Instagram to rain insult on her for no reason. She also dragged Tonto’s son in her insult while accusing the actress of sleeping with politicians.

Reacting to the comment, Tonto Dikeh said she missed her old self. She also revealed she and her boys would have traced the commenter and deal with her when she was “still in the world”

Tonto also prayed for the lady, as she asked God to “heal the bitterness that dwells” in her. She also prayed that the lady’s children not be useless in the future.

In a recent post shared on her Instagram page, Tonto Dikeh said some fans frown at her for insulting the mother of a troll, and such people need to be beaten.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she’s a mother and will not accept any online insult and keep silent in the name of acting matured.

Tonto Dikeh further advised her fans to help the public respect their family members by respecting themselves in public.

See what she wrote below;

Some of you fans need a strong beating with wet broom, you insult a mother like me. They insult your mother back, you say the insultee is too big to insult back. The thunder that will fire you is doing press up in Mushin. All these upcoming runs girls will not kill somebody. Honestly, we need to help the public respect our family by respecting ourselves in public.

Tonto Dikeh: “Some of you fans need strong beating with wet broom”
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